• Amazon Submersible Diesel Transfer Pump

Amazon Submersible Diesel Transfer Pump

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Amazon Submersible Diesel Transfer Pump.

The Amazon are low voltage, D.C., plastic inline/submersible pumps for battery operation only. Supplied with pump, 4 metre PVC cable and crocodile clips. Designed for transfer and drainage of fresh water, seawater and diesel fuel. Higher heads can be achieved by operating pumps in series (inline).

This is possible by detaching the removable strainer and exposing the inlet which has a hose connection. The hose from another pump, of the same hose size, can be connected to this. Motors are continuously 
rated, so they do not have a duty cycle, but brush life is finite and therefore determined by usage. 

Supplied without the Kit. Please see "Amazon Kit" for pricing.
They must NOT pump petrol, high viscosity liquids, chemicals, solvents or products with a low flash point! 

Supplied in 12V.