Lowara DOMO10/B Pump with Floatswitch

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Lowara DOMO10/B

Main Applications

  • Pumping of effluent (VX model handles also suspended filaments).
  • Emptying of septic tanks and residential sumps.
  • Draining of flooded basements and garages.


  • Delivery up to 500 l/min and head up to 10.1m
  • Continuous duty with 35°C liquids and fully submerged pump.
  • Dry motor (class F insulation).
  • H07RN-F type neoprene power cord.
  • Maximum immersion depth: 5m.
  • Motor Details: 230v 1ph 50Hz 0.75kW 1HP. 
  • Built-in capacitor.
  • Thermal overload protection.
  • The DOMO 10-15-20 and DOMO 10-15-20VX versions feature:
    • 2' delivery port female ASP (can be turned into a flanged version if an optional accessory is installed).
    • Handling of suspended solids up to 50mm in diameter.
    • Stainless steel twin channel or vortex impeller.
    • Tube float switch.