Lowara SC409T L27 (4SC9T/A) Submersible Pump

LOWARA SC409T L27 (4SC9T/A) 107660170
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Obsolete - Please email sales@e-pumps.co.uk for a quote on the current replacement

​​​​​​​Lowara SC409T L27 (4SC9T/A) Submersible Pump

Multi-stage submersible centrifugal pump for clean water, with the majority of components in AISI 304 stainless steel. Double mechanical seal system with oil chamber.
The liquid end is located underneath the electric motor which is cooled by the pumped liquid.
The pump is directly inserted in the tank or well to avoid suctions problems and noise.
Can also operate in a horizontal position.

Main Applications

  • Water supply from collecting tanks or reservoirs and 6" wells or roman wells
  • Supply for garden sprinklers
  • Pressure boosting with pump directly installed in tank or well avoiding priming and noise problems


  • Delivery up to 125 l/min and head up to 62.5m
  • 1¼" Discharge.
  • Maximum pump overall diameter: 128mm.
  • Maximum immersion depth: 20m.
  • Maximum permissble quantity of suspended sand: 25 g/m³.
  • Passage of solids up to 2.5mm
  • Can also operate in horizontal position. 
  • Motor Details: 400v 3ph 50Hz 0.90kW 1.2HP.