TPS-200SA Automatic Submersible Pump 230V

£116.80 £140.16 (inc. VAT)


TPS-200SA Automatic Submersible Pump, with float.

The TP series have been specifically designed for use in the harsh environment of water features and fish ponds but they can also be used for sump and transfer applications. The construction incorporates heavy duty bearings, a hard stainless steel (410) shaft fitted with an ultra-hard wearing silicon carbide mechanical seal (in a chamber of non-toxic oil) for durability and continuous operation. The motor case, pump body, strainer and impeller are constructed of thermoplastic for corrosion resistance. Available in two formats: the TPS will handle fish waste and dead plants up to 5mm while the TPV can handle up 19mm. Supplied with 10 metres of heavy duty rubber power cable.  

Maximum Flow Rate 140lpm, Maximum Head 7 Mtrs.